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Boston Online Marketing has fully earned it's title of "Internet Marketing Experts”.  Our staff has over 15 years of SEO and online marketing experience. We bring the power of online legal marketing to law firms in Boston and around the country.  We help lawyers craft customized Internet marketing solutions that work.

Contact us today to discuss the opportunities for growth that a Boston Online Marketing custom-designed, custom-written website has to offer your law practice.

When it comes to online legal marketing, there is simply no comparison to Boston Online Marketing. Producing Web sites and implementing comprehensive Internet marketing strategies for law firms is what we do at Boston Online Marketing.

Success stories told by satisfied law firms confirm the value of Boston Online Marketings legal marketing in today's competitive marketplace. The benefits of working with us include:

  • We draw upon over 25 years of experience in media marketing.
  • We are honest to a fault, inspiring trust and respect from attorneys.
  • We makes no empty promises, but rather, always makes sure that he can prove any claim that he makes concerning legal marketing.
  • We work together with law firms long after the sale is made, to help ensure that the website is producing results to its full potential.
  • We are proactive in helping law firms maintain and maximize the utility of their website.
  • Our clients know that we care, and that we have a stake in their success.

Let Clients Know Where You Are, and What You Can Do for Them

Cyberspace is today's Wild West — a vast territory of opportunity to stake a claim in the business to be had with potential clients who are searching . . . and rushing by. At Boston Online Marketing, we are in the business of making law firms stand out on the Web. We know what it takes to drive qualified traffic to your "door" on the Internet — and how to "catch" them once they are ready to contact you.

We work to build and maintain productive, dynamic working relationships with law firms. Tell us about your legal marketing goals and objectives. With a 25-year background in marketing, our staff truly knows the "big picture," and is a knowledgeable source of advice on comprehensive marketing strategies that will work for your firm.

Not a Business Expense, but a Value Stream

With the media of the past in mind (telephone books, radio and newspapers), some attorneys make the mistake of thinking that a Web presence will simply be another business expense. Satisfied clients of Boston Online Marketing, however, report that their Web sites serve as a source of income more than an outflow of cash.

Websites and other online legal marketing tools that work include Social Media setup and marketing, online video, Reputation Management and a new program to help monitor and produce online client testimonials on hundreds of sites (Yelp, AVVO, Google etc).

Contact Boston Online Marketing, to plan a conversation about your law firm's marketing campaigns, and how you can stake your claim on the Web.


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